Softban of external Vitxi user or mobile app, why?


I am looking for advice on an odd problem that is recurring often but only seems to be affecting one Vitxi user out of all of the Vitxi users and occasionally mobile app users too.

I will get a message from a user of the mobile app or that one Vitxi user reporting that they are unable to log into Vitxi or the Mobile app will not register. I will not see them in the Firewall Banlist but as soon as I add them to the Firewall Whitelist they start working, almost like the have been “Softbanned” somewhere.

is there something I need to be looking for, on the iptables or something I may be able to adjust to stop this behaviour?

Many thanks


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Hello sir,

Do you have the GeoFirewall module active?

Also, does the PBX or the user having problems have some VPN enabled?


Hi Maynor,

Yes, I do have the GeoFirewall enabled, the user in question does not use a VPN as far as I am aware, they are setup up in the same manner as all of their colleagues, they all work from their own homes so they are all in different locations.


Try without Firewall and without GeoFirewall for a short time for testing.

Thanks Mo, I will try that.

Just out of curiosity, why would that GeoFirewall have that effect?



It’s blocking IPs or ranges.
Maybe you uninstall it for testing.

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