SMS Integration with Flowroute?

We are looking to migrate several of our 3cx installations into a multi-tenant install of VitalPBX. The only thing holding us back is SMS integration with Flowroute, which is where most of our numbers are. Are there any plans to integration with them in the near(ish) future?

Would love to this this as well. I’ve moved several clients over to Vital but can’t migrate the ones with SMS requirements.

You’ve SMS integration with several VoIP providers (Twilio, Telnyx,, etc)

I appreciate that there are some SMS providers already capable. However, we aren’t willing or able to transfer all of our clients from Flowroute to another provider to accommodate the software; instead, we’d need the software to accommodate integration with Flowroute.

From your response, it seems there is no plan to integrate with anyone you haven’t already?

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