Slow CDR search

Recently I noticed that requesting any CDR info will take 30 seconds upto 1 minute.
The more parameters I input like (source, destination or dates) the longer it takes.
And during this search our PBX CPU max out to 100% and the communications between VitalPBX and
our phones get temporarily bad.

The CDR search used to be just seconds.
Is there a way to make CDR searching fast again ?


What are your server SPECS?

Do you have the maintenance add-on enabled to delete old CDR?

Are you running the latest version of VitalPBX?

We are running a Google Cloud n1-standard-1 instance.
Basically, 1x Intel Xeon COU @ 2.00GHz, 4 GB RAM and 60 GB SSD.
The VitalPBX version is: 3.3.2-1, I believe it’s the latest version.

We have the maintenance add-on installed.
Went to Admin/Tools/Maintenance and “Clear Oldest CDR” has no value (I think this the default setting). Furthermore the whole maintenance was not enabled. :smile:
I enabled it now.

Could tell what value I shout give “Clear Oldest CDR” ?
We are running Vita;PBX for over 3 years now, is there another way to e.g. reindexing the CDR to get it tofast again ?

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