Sip Trunk With Cisco Gateway

Hello Team,
There is a documentation how to setup a sip trunk with a Gateway Cisco ?
Need help please

Thank you

It is important that you indicate which Gateway model you want to register. Usually we have never had a problem registering FXS gateways. Remember to always update the firmware of those devices. We stay tuned. Best regards.

Hello, is not a fxs gateway it’s a cisco router finally the trunk is up, external call working but the problem is on the inbound rules


Then you have a Cisco Router registered with the VitalPBX, It is for a PSTN service through any of the VWICs in the Cisco Router, are you using the Cisco Router as a Gateway with the PSTN?

If the answer is affirmative, which interface do you use with them, PRI-ISDN-T1, PRI-ISDN-E1, BRI, DTI, FXO, or SIP Trunk?

Or are you using the Cisco Router and VWIC for FXS?

Best regards!

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