SIP Trunk not sending register: One Works, the Other Fails with Identical Settings on the Same Machine

I have successfully configured a SIP Trunk on the main tenant in VitalPBX using a trunk from a specific provider with username and password authentication. This works correctly. However, when attempting to configure another SIP Trunk for a different tenant with the same settings but different credentials (for a different client from the same provider), this trunk fails to authenticate and does not even send register requests.

Technical details:

  • Both trunks are from the same provider.
  • Settings are identical in both cases, with the only difference being the username and password.
  • Network checks and IP configurations are correct and similar for both trunks.
  • There are no visible errors in the VitalPBX logs for the first tenant.

Question: What could cause the second trunk to fail to authenticate and not initiate register requests, given that I used identical settings to the functional trunk on the main tenant? Is there any specific multi-tenant configuration that might affect the behavior of the trunks?

A couple of possibilities.

  • That provider has a limit on their side.
  • The configuration is incorrect
  • Perhaps the tenant prefix is getting applied.

Best is to enable PJSIP logging and post the attempt here. (Via pastebin please)

Solved by deleting the trunk and setting it back with EXACTLY the same values and optionsā€¦
No, it was not disabled :slight_smile:

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