Sip trunk incoming calls not working.

I am new to Vitalpbx and I am trying to test it out.I have an ip based sip trunk with only outbound calls working.On inbound calls I am getting a 401 unauthorized error to the invite.I have whitelisted the provider’s ip address and I am using the default routing method.
On the log file viewer I am getting No matching endpoint found Failed to authenticate.

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IN addition to Trunk, you have to create inbound route for your DID.

I have inbound route set up but still not working.

Pjsip need to have trunk Identify to either authenticate or accept the connection

Add in trunk

Identify by : IP
Match :

Hi Mohamed
I have identify by ip and Match provider ip set but I am still getting 401 Unauthorized to the invite.

Just to let you know I got incoming calls working.I put the provider ip in the Match Header box instead of in the Match box.
Thanks for all your help.

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