SIP Depreciation

I was just looking at the V4 changelog and noticed this

Deprecate SIP. Importing backups with SIP from version 3 will still work, but you will be unable to create new SIP devices on VitalPBX 4.

This is going to create an issue as some of our access systems (Paxton door phones) only support SIP protocol.

Same with some of our FAX ATA’s we could never get them working with PJSIP only SIP

Am i missing something? Not using V4 yet but scares me to update sometime in the future

Thank You

In VitalPBX the SIP Driver naming is a bit misleading. In the Asterisk world they are referred to chan_sip and chan_pjsip.

Both drivers are SIP and you should be able to use ANY kind of SIP device with PJSIP.

I strongly encourage you to get your hands dirty with PJSIP so you master it now, and not when you NEED to know it.

chan_sip has been deprecated for a while and will be removed from Asterisk soon

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Are there differences on BLF at chan_sip and chan_pjsip?

Not that I am aware of. They both work fine.

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