Share Line Appearances a Possibility?

Hello, just getting my feet wet with VitalPBX, although we have been using FreePBX/Asterisk for years. We have had challenges with queues that Vital looks to have solved (Great!), so I wanted to see if there was a solution to another issue we have had using the other systems.

Shared Line Appearance (the call can be answered from multiple devices, then put on hold and retrieved or conferenced into from the other devices that have the shared line.) This is typically a key or enterprise (Avaya) feature, and from what I understand is possible to do on FreeSwitch and Kamailio, but I am wondering if VitalPBX has an answer for implementing this?

I am aware of multiple endpoints with PJSIP and call parking, and I can coach them into that kind of directions, but that’s not quite what the customer is looking for that already has this functionality.

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Can you please explain in more detail what the advantage of this feature is and when this is needed? As precise of an example would be the best.

Ahh okay, it is explained here.
Don’t think VitalPBX can do that since it would need the phone and vitalpbx to interact more with eachother. But as you described: Some parts of it would be possible when using PJSIP.

Type of Phone must support it as well:

Lets see what other VitalPBX users might say to this.

Also possible with Asterisk, but you will need some tweaking.

Traditional key systems were designed for traditional analog lines. VoIP, as you know, is completely different so most modern B2BUAs won’t offer it by default…

Kamailio is not a Phone System, it is a SIP server. Using Kamailio as a phone system is not the best idea.

If you are going to be implementing it, depending on the approach you take, you also have to consider what hardware you’ll be using for the endpoints. Some brands like Fanvil have some built in support to make it easier.

I just found this for Fanvil (SCA) which is reffering to BoardSoft not Asterisk:

You made SLA work on Vitalpbx and Fanvil?

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