Set Exstation for Secondary Stream

Good evening everyone, I have a VTO Dahua intercom recorded on the switchboard. It has two video flows, one is 720p and the secondary is CIF compression H264.
I have a Fanvil X6U phone, which is always recorded on the switchboard, and can manage H264 CIF video calls.

If you septic the main flow of the intercom on CIF, it works properly and I can video call between intercom and Exstation Fanvil.
Unfortunately, I cannot change the primary flow of the intercom, as the high resolution video is recorded on an NVR and acquired by an internal monitor, also recorded on the Vitalpbx switchboard.

Since the Fanvil phone does not allow me to choose the video flow to be used, I can set a rule in the switchboard, which forces that phone to use the secondary flow of the video intercom ??

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