Server Migration V3 to V3

I have a VitalPBX installation currently running 3.1.1-3 with asterisk 18.5.1 (centos Linux 7.9.2009) - It was installed from the official ISO image, and the system was installed via the official installation ISO at the time, on VMWare and I believe the current latest ISO is VirtualPBX-3.2.1-1.
I have a few tenants on the installation running the carrier edition.

I would like to migrate my current installation from an OLD VMware VM to a new VMware VM. (I know I could just VMotion it over and probably change the IP but while I’m at it I would like to upgrade it to the latest version.

I do plan on using the same DNS after the migration but the IP address will have to change, so it might just be a better idea to do a VPBX to VPBX migration

I was wondering if anyone has any advice? and what the easiest way would be to migrate all the settings of the server, all the settings of the tenants, and all the CDR/recordings, etc.?


I would do the upgrade first and then move using VMWare tools, import/export the VM, or use backup/restore.

Hi thanks,

I have read somewhere that V4 was supposed to come out, do we have an ETA on when V4 will come out?

I couldn’t find much information about V4 but my understanding from the forum here is that it will be using Debian, (which would mean a complete reinstall). will there be a way to import the backup from v3?

And would the v3 licenses work with v4?

I am just wondering if I should wait for a while and just migrate from v3 to v4?

Check these two blog:

And, yes, migration will be possible through a backup.

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