Self signed certificate for pjsip encrypted sip

I want to enable encrypted internal sip connections, PJSIP i can’t select certificate, but when i try to create a self signed certificate i have the error of the screenshot.



vitalpbx check-integrity

This text will be hidden

after the error is the same

(the server is completely hidden from internet , but i need self signed, not let’s encrypt)

What version of VitalPBX are you running?

|Asterisk |18.12.1|

|VitalPBX |3.2.3-8|

I Have tried to import existing certificate but pjsip over 5061/2 can’t connect… I’m not sure about this…
Where I can see that the imported SSL is working or not?

The self SSL generation it’s not working

Then you might use geo firewall. Turn it off. Or you don’t have ports 80 and 443 open.

And: 5060 is PJSIP and 5061 is TLS PJSIP
5062 is chan_sip by default.

For self signed I need to open ports?!? I don’t need let’s encrypt certificate.

Yes 5061 pjsip TLS… I was not remembering the port.

You are right. Not for self-signed.

What I can try on the system to solve the self signed certificate?
I never used centos… my world is Debian

Try Vitalpbx 4.0
Its debian.
Available already.
Final release soon.

I can import all actual configurations?

Just try it. Should work. If something fails. Report in right forum here.
Depends on what “everything” means. There are a lot of Add-ons for Vitalpbx which maybe cause problems.

Only trunks setup, internal account, custom audio messages, Ivr. Global System setup

Create a 1 click export/import procedure with all :slight_smile:

Should work like that:

So give it a try and report.

If you only want to test, try digital ocean or vutlr.