Security Update: VitalPBX 3.2.1 is now available!

The VitalPBX version 3.2.1 R1 is now available. This new version includes significant security patches along with regular fixes and enhancements.

To provide some context, we got notified that the backup files could be retrieved in the previous versions using a browser and a brute force script. Hence, this version implements security enhancements to protect the backup files. Fortunately, the incident was kept under wraps, and no users have been affected by the problem. Thereby, we recommend updating your PBX as soon as you can.

Full Changelog Here

I ran the update tonight but by Asterisk version is still 18.6.0, I thought the update should bring it to 18.10 ?

System Information

Distro CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core)
Kernel 3.10.0-1127.19.1.el7.x86_64
Asterisk 18.6.0
Clear Voice One 3.2.1-1

Try as root via ssh:

yum update

And you are still on CentOS 7.8.
Guess you never did yum update.
Will take a while.



12 Extensions limit on community without addon is now active?

“The public path utilized in the previous versions is still available, but we expect to remove it in future versions.”

Can you please make this optional? Since with use that onpremise.
Or will regular http auth will be available? Http://

Where do you see that?

Was just asking.
Because it says so on the new Website:

Hmm… Does that mean that when updating you’ll lose all extensions exceeding the limit?


Is it normal try to connect with all these mirrors to update to the new version and avoid the proxy that I had configured to do the update?


This will get applied on version 4!

If you have full access to the server, you can create your own apache configuration to access the recordings from external applications.

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It was updated without permit anything in firewall


If i buy a starter licence, am i still limited to 12 extensions ?


No, with any add-ons you will not have that limit.
And as said: the limit (12) will only be applied on VitalPBX 4.0 community edition (free).

I’m using the 3.2.2-1 version. The upgrade to the mayor version 4 will be automatic ? I mean , if I check for upgrades and the vers, 4 is available , my pbx will be upgraded to 4?

Version 4 runs on Debian. It won’t be a simple yum update.

“We expect to migrate to Debian in a couple of months” (sept 21).
Can you tell us when this version will be available?
Is there a beta test program ?


It was officially supposed to be released for IT Expo, which was last week.