SECURITY RISK: Intrusion Detection Turns Itself Off

Since upgrade to Vital PBX 4.1.0-3 I have observed the Intrusion Detection Stopped message on the Dashboard. I go to Firewall settings and the toggle is off. I turn it on, and get the Firewall Changes Saved Message. Then I go to Dashboard and the Intrusion Detection Stopped message is present Then I return to Firewall Settings and the toggle is off again. I have restarted the Vital PBX virtual machine twice and this continues to happen.
I noticed there was a string on this under VitalPBX 3 in the forum but no definitive reason or solution was provided.

Have you go to the Linux CLI to check if there’s an issue with the Fail2Ban service?

The Linux CLI will always be your friend in this cases.

Miguel I did not see any error messages but i will try again to turn Intrusion Detection On and watch it go off while watching the Linux CLI

Miguel, I executed the systemctl start fail2ban and the the fail2ban-client status and received an error message:

root@mercury66:~# systemctl start fail2ban
root@mercury66:~# fail2ban-client status
2024-05-19 15:56:25,266 fail2ban [627930]: ERROR Failed to access socket path: /var/run/fail2ban/fail2ban.sock. Is fail2ban running?
– Executing [s@cos-

Attachign logs to this if possible

Guess attachments are not possible. Should I open a paid support ticket Miguel?