Scheduled Reports Are Not Running


I have a client with a VitalPBX installation where the scheduled reports are not being sent out. I can send the test e-mail from the Sonata Stats E-mail Settings page without issue and I know the mail server is working properly.

Currently I have 3 reports setup for them to run weekly and the schedules are all setup with a similar schedule:

This previously worked for 1-2 cycles and has since stopped. I have confirmed the smtp relay is functioning, the server has been rebooted and I can get the reports if I run them manually with the ‘Send Now’ button.

I’ve tried adjusting the report parameters in the builder as well as trying different days/times for these.

I’ve also since change the recipient from 4 separate addresses to an individual distro (which I’ve also confirmed it working).

There is no mail logs that I can see referencing these jobs, just the VitalPBX sending voicemails out.

Please help! I am at my wits end and I’m not sure what I’m missing.

Many thanks in advance.


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Which version of Sonata Stats do you have installed?


Hi, thank you for the quick response. Currently SonataStats is running 1.0.7-7.

To further add to the weirdness - I currently have the scheduled setup to run Tuesday and Friday, but I received a report at about 11:30pm last night (Thursday at the time of writing).

Try to execute this command systemctl restart sonata-stats

I have ran the service restart command successfully. I have the schedules setup to repeat every 1 week on Monday (for testing tonight).

I’ll return here with the results.

The reports ran but I didn’t receive them for almost 6 hours after the scheduled run time.

I have the schedule setup for Friday again to further test.

The reports seemed to run when I updated the start date/time to Friday since I received all 3 reports as intended.

I guess we’re good on this one for now. I had restarted the PBX several times already so it makes me nervous that the restarting the service isn’t the end-all be-all, but I will try that going forward.

Thank you for your help.

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Let us know if you are still having problems!