Same Webrtc Account on 2 Computers

Just a thought… wondering if leaving Vitxi WebRTC open on two computers at the same time (with only ‘1’ device / “max contacts” for webrtc extension setting) may cause an issue??

Yes… Why would you want to do that?

Perhaps they’re moving - throughout the day - to different computers in different locations.

What type of issues might they experience?

If both browsers are active, then they will fight over the registration - incoming calls will ring by the client that holds the active registration.

How hard is it to logoff?

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Got… I’ll relay the message… thanks Pitz :+1:

Is it possible - by entering ‘2’ for “Max Contacts” inside Vital webrtc - that a person can be logged in on 2 different computers at the same time (without ‘unregistering’)?

Yes, with the value “Max Contacts” you can control how many times you can be registered at the same time. Then the user can have the extension in VitXi in various tabs or browser windows.

This configuration is set directly in the VitalPBX extensions module.

Thanks Maynor… we’ll implement that change, on our end, going forward.

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