Run VitalPBX-Stress-Test on Asterisk 1.4.30


I am trying to make some stress tests between VitalPBX and an older Asterisk 1.4.30 for my final work school but even create the folder “vitalpbx”: to insert these two files


and make reference to these files in the files:

  • extensions.conf


  • sip.conf

the value of Asterisk calls is always 0.

this is my values on my script:

scritp edited:

I had remove protocol IAX and codec GSM nad add codec ulaw and alaw

Could you please provide some feedback to make some changes.

The script is not intended for old versions of Asterisk.

I adapted the script to run with Asterisk 1.4.30.

@rodrigocuadra Can I share the file in your GuitHub like a fork or a branch for people that want to run this script with lower versions of Asterisk?

I added the option of codec G. 711 a-law (a-law) and the μ-law (u-law).

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