Run a local script on a incoming / forwarded call

I’m trying to run a local script for an incoming call. The incoming call (Number 56225XXXXXX) is routed to a local extension (120). This extension has the feature CFI (Call Forward Immediately) enabled to a external number 998XXXXXXX.
I need to run a script using the original calling number and the external forwarded number in order tu use these parameters as arguments for the “script”.
So far i was able to create a Custom Context to capture certain parameters for the incoming call (the calling number), but i have not been able to route the call through the script and then send it to the internal extension/forward_number. Or maybe use the script in the forwarded call.??
Can somone give me some guidelines here in roder to accomplish this task?.

So far it has been very hard to do what i want. At least for me.
Let me rephrase the question.
Is possible using “Custom Context” or some aditional module to catch an incoming call and run a script then let the call continue to his final destination?


regarding the final destination:
same => n,Goto(${ARG1},${ARG2},${ARG3})

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