routing issues goes to wrong extension abnomally

VitalPBX 3.1.1-1
Asterisk 18.5.1-1
Although I’m a noob - I know how to route calls.

That said - I have been having the strangest issues - could be a bug or my server is freaking somehow.

One issue I had (which I figured out how to resolve was having or not having a 1 before the DID - whereas if people didn’t dial the one the call wouldn’t connect - whereby I started putting in two routing entries for each DID (one with a 1 and one without) - when then later I realized I could instead write ‘[1]!XXXXXXXXXX’ - which seemed like a great idea - however while this does work - now when I add a new route and it goes somewhere else aka a different extension.

If I mess with this enough and continuously delete and readd the routes - eventually I can get it routed to the correct extension - which seems like complete foolishness. aka I’m spending upwards of an hour+ messing around adding routes and testing and deleting and readding and testing to see if I can eventually get the call routed to the extension.

Maybe the DID pattern has nothing to do with this - I only mention as it seems that my starting to use this had something (I think maybe) to do with the fact that its nearly impossible for me to route a DID to the correct extension. I tried reloading and restarting the asterisk core. I will reboot the box after hours today - maybe this is just a strange abnormally and will go away once I do.

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If you don’t put anything in DID nor CID on inbound routes it will be a catch all filter. Try that first.
Maybe you provider sends the DIDs other then you think. You could check that with Asterisk Cli (asterisk -r -vvvvvvvvvv).

You can do it like this as well and then try to call the available DIDs. “Verifi DID” will then read you the DID.


Please work with screenshots and the right names of the menu here. Like: “Inbound Routes” so we know what you are talking about.
Did you check the VitalPBX Youtube Channel yet? There are many videos explaining Inbound Routes, Outbound Routes, Dialing Restrictions and so on.

Also check here:

and here: