Routing incoming calls to outbound route with a trunk not working

Good day

Please I need help to figure out what am doing wrong in vitalpbx.

In most other pbx we have used, once we make

context = from-internal

it solves the problem.

How do I achieve same with vitalpbx?

my configuration.


Inbound Route

Outbound Route

Call Flow:

  1. Incoming Calls Originates from EYBEAM - through a sip server interconnected with Trunk1_incomming_calls by IP to IP Auth.

  2. I added Trunk1_incomming_calls to inbound route.

  3. When I place my call from Eybeam sip dialer, with pjsip set logger on I see calls hitting the trunk Trunk1_incomming_calls , which is Okey.

  4. How do I force this incoming calls on the trunk Trunk1_incomming_calls to be route routed out through Trunk2_ougoing_calls?

Thanks for your assistance in this regard.

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