Route third party pbx through VitalPBX


What is the easiest way to use VitalPbx as a gateway for another PBX (third party) that I have on-site at a hotel?

Can you share a diagram or explain the call flow?

It will only be for inbound and outbound calls, that’s it. All other PBX functions will happen on the local third-party PBX. VoIP Innovations is my sip provider.

About the trunk configurations, if you don’t need any special treatment per customer, you can create a single trunk between VitalPBX and your SIP Provider. So, you would have the following configurations.

  • VitalPBX <-> VoIP Provider (VoIP Trunk)
  • Customer 01 <-> VitalPBX <-> VoIP Provider (Customer 1 Trunk)
  • Customer 02 <-> VitalPBX <-> VoIP Provider (Customer 2 Trunk)

For incoming calls coming from VoIP providers, you have to configure the DID numbers and select your customers’ trunks as destinations.

Now, for calls coming from your Customers, you have to configure the Outbound Routes and list your VoIP provider trunk there. On each of your customer trunks, you have to change the Class of Service from “Trunk Default” to “All Permissions;” this configuration is required to route any call coming from your customers to the VoIP provider without configuring Inbound Routes.

I hope this helps!

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