Ring group ring time ignored


I ran into issue with ring groups in:
VitalPBX Carrier 3.1.1-3

The ring time set in ring group seems to be ignored and whatever the extension ring group is set to is used.


Can you please explain that in more detail and with screenshots and/or traces?

If ring group is set as below:

and extension ring time is set to default (30).

The ring time for the group will be what ever ring time is set for extensions.
In this case 30 seconds, not 160

What will happen exactly if 30s are over?

It will go to Last Destination.

okay, this is really strange.
Can you please have a look @maynor ?

I have the exact same problem here.

Do we have a solution ? @miguel

Is this fixed? Or when will this be fixed?


Isn’t this normal behavior? The ring group will forward calls to the specified extensions and they will ring for 30 seconds. If none picks up it will go to the next step, in your case IVR since it can’t do anything else. You can either try changing the ring strategy or editing the extension ring time. You could also create another ring group as the final destination for this one to extend the time and the second one can go to IVR. If you have at least one extension that will ring for 160 seconds I think this would work. I could be wrong about this :smiley:

No, it should not be normal.
Imagine you have an extension with 15 seconds ring time because of call forward on no answer.
If you then have a ring group with 30 seconds that ring group would not work right and ring only 15 seconds instead of 30.

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