Restore Starter License from V3 to V4

I recently updated to V4. I remembered that I once bought a starter license.
Now I wanted to enter the license on the new server, but it is denied because it is still activated on the old system.
Since everything runs in a VM, I have restarted the old machine, but can’t find anywhere where I can deactivate the license. In another thread it was written under Admin → view license, I do not have this menu, neither on V3 nor V4.

Can someone explain to me where I can deactivate my starter license?


Check TOP right:


Should say “view License”. You can “revoke” there.
Otherwise write Support.

How do I Revoke a License

Unfortunately I don’t have this menu item there either, I had already looked here.
I will probably have to try the support.


There is no entry for the Starter license under Addons and when I click on Communicator (which goes with the Starter license), for example, I only get the following message:



it does no look like you have the starter license.
If anything is unclear, i guess you need to contact support.