Restart email service

A few days ago my server stopped sending emails, is there away to restart the email service without rebooting the system.


VitalPBX uses Postfix under the hood, so restarting the Postfix service should help.

systemctl restart postfix.service

I would first check if they are stuck in the queue. You can do so with:


If there are emails stuck in the queue, try to flush it.

postfix flush

If you just want to discard those emails then

postsuper -d ALL

Like José said, it’s recommend to restart the service after the queue is empty.
I also suggest reviewing the maillog to understand what went wrong. Otherwise, this issue may occur again.

Thanks for your help. The service was not running.

postqueue: warning: Mail system is down – accessing queue directly

I did, postsuper -d ALL then systemctl restart postfix.service and it’s now working.

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