res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request 'OPTIONS' from '"asterisk"


I have this two machines:

  • VitalPBX
  • Asterisk

I can make call’s from VitalPBX to Asterisk, but from Asterisk to VitalPBX don´t work.

This are the log’s from Asterisk:


This are log’s from VitalPBX:

About the trunk and call (asterisk to vitalpbx (26099->75003))


This is my Inbound Route:


This is my SIP Trunk to Asterisk:


This is my Asterisk trunk to VitalPBX


Is it necessary authentication in this side, Asterisk to VitalPBX?

Keep in mind that in the latest versions of VitalPBX, the primary protocol is PJSIP. Hence, PJSIP runs over port 5060, and SIP over port 5062.

Most likely, you are sending the call to the wrong port.

I’ve already changed the ports of both protocols and the symptom continues.

PJSIP - 5062-5063
SIP - 5060-5061

and the sip to manual config


After changing the ports, you have to restart Asterisk.

Hi Miguel,

After I change my Inbound route to my extension, 75003, did work.


What configuration should I do so that all calls from my Asterisk go to all respective extensions on my VitalPBX 750XX?

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