Remote extension rtp issue

Helle team,
I have an audio issue when dialling by remote extension, locally fine but extension with internet there is no audio, i have try with sip and pjsip protocol but nothing work.
rtp only on extension on local network with pbx .

Help me please.

Most likely the issue is due to rtp ports getting blocked or NAT not working properly.
check the following :

  1. Check NAT setting under : Setting> SIP settings > Network Tab > NAT setting should be Force, Comedia
  2. Check local Hardware firewall or Internet router connecting PBX for RTP ports ( check both In and out rule)
  3. Check NAT setting on router
  4. Check with different remote site as it could be remote site issue ( RTP ports blocked at remote site )

Thank you
Everething is good

Please share the solution with the community here!

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