Registration with Domain

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there is a possibility of registration with domain not with an ip ?

Because on the site of vitalpbx security it said :

" VitalPBX allows us the option of only allowing registration of devices that have configured the domain of our server, this means that if a device tries to register with the ip it can not do it."

if yes how can i do it or how can i dot it ?

Thank you…

Meaning registering against a FQDN instead of an IP? Yes.

Can you please link the site you are referring to?

You will need a FQDN that resolves to your server. Unless I am misunderstanding your question.

Hello @PitzKey

Hi @f.toumi,

That is a feature of the SIP protocol. You can go to the SIP Settings, and under the Security tab, you can define the list of valid domains.

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@miguel open ssl work ?

I don’t know what you mean!

As mentioned, you can.

juste i want a documentation how to do

Say your external IP is, set up an A record on your domain to point to that address.

You can also use the local internal IP if you only have local phones.

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Need ssl certificate ? selfSigned WORK ?

No you don’t need.

But if you want a certificate, you can generate on the PBX a LE cert.

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Ok its work i add my fqdn in system setting—>general then i putt my fqdn and then i can register my device with QR code but the only issue im still register with the public ip of my pbx, i want to register only with my fqdn

Im using PJSIP.

Did you add the FQDN in the PBX settings?

yes its works i can register my device with FQDN and public ip too, i want only allow registration by domain not by public IP because my demande work with sip not with pjsip.