Recorder Announcement before ringing extension

HI Team.

Is there a way to have something similar to a Queue Join Announcement to be played
before ringing an extension. without need to create a queue per extension?

To be clear a caller dial in, the system answers, this call might be recoded for. blah, blab… and then ring the extension.

You can create an announcement per extension.
Should not be too difficult even with many extensions.

Go it found it on the follow me option

Please share the exact solution with everyone.


Please share how to do that:)


Under the follow me tab, enable follow me and put the extension in the list, then enable or change the ‘Please Hold Prompt’

Hi @PitzKey

Thanks, so if i have queue number 400 and member ext 101, 102, 103, on follow list ext 101 i should put ext 101, 102 and 103 or 101 only?


Not sure what you are trying to achieve. OP was trying to replicate the queue Join Announcement when dialing an extension directly. If you are using a queue, use the queue Join Announcement.


Ivr - Queue - Ringing Ext

When ringing at the agent ext , the caller will hear the voice ‘this conversation will be recorded’ then talking to the agent

Normally you would set his recording at the queue Join Announcement


Ok thanks for you…

This only works when calling from one extension to another. Eg 421 calls to 420 (with follow me enabled).
But if a call is first in Queue (with join announcement) and then goes to 420 (with follow me enabled), the Please hold prompt isn’t played.

How to solve this?

This is not an issue. This is how it works by design.

So how do I solve this?
Call flow:

  1. call to queue → 2. queue join announcement (this call might be recoded for. blah, blab… ) → 3. join announcement on extension (Your call will be handled by John Doe). → 4. ring to extension

I’m looking for solution for number 3…

Please open a new topic.

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