Raspberry PI VitalPBX 4

Good morning, I was trying to install VitalPBX 4 on a Raspberry PI, following this guide: https://vitalpbx.com/blog/install-vitalpbx-4-on-a-raspberry-pi-quick-guide/ . But for some reason I receive a SHA error, when it tried to download some of the files. Do you recently updates those files? Thanks with any help.

Same here many errors like this.

E: Failed to fetch http://repo.vitalpbx.org/vitalpbx/apt/base/pool/b/base/vitalpbx-asterisk-config_4.0.0-1_all.deb File has unexpected size (40352 != 40168). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: 80]
Hashes of expected file:

  • SHA256:418fe0b303956730b419cf0acb5b1c7510a3a34e25b37646a32d488ddd9e211e
  • SHA1:20522cf7cc323868ecaa12ad861c6c81c9657f77 [weak]
  • MD5Sum:e2a04a63e630d68c9cc2d9dc94104f05 [weak]
  • Filesize:40168 [weak]


Yes, that’s is the same kind of error that I have.

yes, same problem here…

The repo is now updated!!

PI does not update to

Try this and report back:

We will update PI later

The update for the PI version is now available.

apt update
apt upgrade