Queues ringing extensions with DND activated

VitalPBX: 4.1.0-4

Issue: Queues are ringing extensions that have DND activated, queue configuration doesn’t have Ring Busy Agents enabled. I have even tried to enable Allow Diversions as well but that doesn’t work either as extensions are still rang as well. So it seems queues are not checking the extensions status for some reason.

System was just recently migrated from v3 just to add more context to this.

Any chance this was fixed on 4.1.0-5, I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about it. @miguel

Should agents use DND? If they don’t want to be bother, they should use the Pause feature. Don’t they?

Not everyone using queues for their call flows are using them in a real call center scenario. As they act as more intelligent ring groups. DND should really be do not disturb, if the feature is enabled on the phone they should be able to use is as expected and not get any calls at all. If they they need or not to PAUSE and give reasons is a manger thing.

I actually just tested this in a regular ring group as well and DND does nothing on ring groups either on v4. Calls go to the extensions no matter if their phone is set on server side DND.