Queue with virtual extension diversion to follow me not working

i have an issue where agents in a queue who have follow me turned on and are not registered with a device (regular PJSIP Extension who is not registered or just a virtual extension). will not get the calls diverted to the external number.

Queue = 501. allow diversions is checked
Agent 1 = 101. PJSIP extension has a phone registered
Agent 2 = 102. PJSIP extension his phone is off
Agent 3 = 103 Virtual extension

they all have follow me turned on.
only 101 gets the call to his follow me number.

it used to work, i think it broke with the last update to VitalPBX 3.1.3-1

You have to turn on diversion hints (in the extension advanced settings), if it still doesn’t work run yum reinstall vitalpbx.
P.S. they added a button to ring unavailable devices in the new version which should also fix this issue.

diversion hints is enabled. and it works for registered extensions. i only have issues with virtual extensions or extensions that are not registered.

Will this in latest version 3.1.4-1 help you:

Queues: A new field is now available for defining if rings or not unavailable agents.

Please check an report!

ill update tonight. hopefully it’ll fix it

This fixed the issue

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