Queue Recorder Announcement before ringing Agent extension

How do I solve this?

Call flow:

  1. call to queue
    → 2. queue join announcement (this call might be recoded for. blah, blab… )
    → 2.a call rings on first agent (John)
    → 2.b John pick’s up the call then comes nr.3
    → 3. join announcement on extension (Your call will be handled by John Doe).
  2. John is talking

I’m looking for solution for number 3…

I’m not quite understanding point 3 - what if John doesn’t answer? Will it go to the next agent? Soo…

“This call may be recorded… Your call will be answered by John… Ring… Ring… Ring… Your call will be answered by Alice… Ring… Ring… Ring… Your call will be answered by Bob… Ring… Ring…”

Did I get it correctly?

John takes the call but before he talks the announcement comes that John is with you.
I corrected the initial question above.

Mind you there is a solution for this if call is internal.
If you set up Follow me to own extension and record Please Hold Prompt.

I can’t think of an out of the box solution. But you can probably write a custom dialplan to accomplish this.
Take a look at the queue settings

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