Queue Callback Improvements


We are testing now the queue callback feature. We would like to see the following:

  • A live widget with a list of pending/queued callbacks in Sonata Switchboard. (Bonus: For queued callbacks, be able to “Delete” and “Force Process callback now” or “Call me now and call customer”)
  • When you allow the customer to enter a phone number, please ask them to confirm if the number they entered is correct - right now there is no way to correct an incorrect entry.
  • When calling back the customer, please play a message to indicate that this is a callback and connect the call only if the customer pressed 1. This is of course only when ‘call the customer first’ is set. Maybe there should also be some kind of indication when calling the agent first.
  • When ‘calling the customer first’ is set. The PBX will try to call the customer within a minute or two, if there is a free agent. VS when ‘calling the agent first’ is set, it takes around 5 minutes until the queue is calling the agent. Setting it back to ‘call the customer first’ resulted now to also a longer wait time until they were called back. Is there a way to set how frequently the PBX should check for available agents?
  • A way to create a dedicated report in Sonata Stats to see how many people requested a callback, how long it took for them to get a callback, how many answered etc etc etc.

Thank you very much!


Thanks for the suggestion, we will have it in mind.

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