Question: Using VitalPBX in a Package Delivery Management System

Hello dear team

We have an other question today:

How can a package delivery company can use VitalPBX to enable its delivery drivers to make and receive calls directly from the Delivery Management App?

As they have a complete Delivery Management System with Mobile Apps, they can integrate VitalPBX to theyre system directly.

System can work like this:

  • Each delivery driver will have a user account on the delivery management application.
  • Each user will get an extension on VitalPBX

So, when delivery driver X goes out on a delivery, he won’t need to use VitalPBX Connect to call the customer. Instead, he’ll be able to click on the customer’s number in the delivery application and initiate the call.

The purpose of this will be:

  • To allow delivery drivers to be able to use a centralized phone system where management can monitor calls, issues, stats, etc
  • To Allow delivery driver to not use a second application to make call, all in the Delivery Management App directly

Thanks in advance for your lights

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You must integrate a SIP SDK into your app. This way, you can register a SIP account in the app for making calls.

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