Question about the Website Tab on VitXi

In the vitxi version (1.1.1-2) found an additional feature, namely “custom website tab”. You certainly have a reason to add this feature because you get suggestions from group members or customers.

What’s your reason for adding this feature? Is it only to make it easier for agents to see information in the URLs defined, so that agents don’t need to open new tabs/urls in the browser or are there targets for your next development?

My suggestion is that the “CRM URL popup” has a “Custom Website Tab” so that when an incoming call does not open a new tab in the browser, it appears in the “Custom Tab”. Default Custom Tab is set to CRM URL Popup. Custom Tab can be set several.

Example :
Custom Tab “ABC” → Default Tab for CRM URL Popup (URL1)
Custom Tab “EFG” → URL2
Custom Tab “EXZ” → URL3

If you move between tabs the page will not refresh unless it is clicked for the first time and only applies when there is an incoming call on the “ABC” tab because customer data will be displayed based on the popup URL parameter.

Another thing that can be done in the custom tab is , For example: I have a CRM and want to use click to call using the vitalpbx API, then from the CRM App in the custom tab I can click on the number to be called. Another thing to consider when clicking to call is that vitxi webrtc has a “disable input number from dialpad” feature because the agent/user must dial based on the number provided by the crm app.

Another addition: I can disable/hide “Login to Queue” feature, I want to control all the Login To Queue, Pause etc functions, from app crm by using vitalpbx API. So that I am free to determine for example “Agent after login” set pause status “IDLE”, agent after hangup, set status “ACW” etc.

Another addition is : If I have a URL in a custom tab , for example : , I can single login to the crm app using the username and password vitxy webrtc.


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Hi Sir,

Is there any information I can get from the vitalpbx team regarding custom tabs?

I’m currently trying to click to call. On the custom tab I embed the crm url.

On the CRM page I created a dial and hangup button.

The order of the dial process:

Click Custom Tab (C2C) → Click Call, but after the call process this will cover the iframe page, so if I have to click on the custom tab again to see the CRM page.

This seems less interactive. If possible when click the call button, it does not cover the CRM page.

Here I attach the picture


Hello Sir,

Yes, the purpose of the custom tab is for agents to be able to save data or view url information defined by administrators (usually CRM).

The suggestion to apply this tab to the “CRM URL popup” function is good, we will analyze in detail the possibility of implementing it in a new version.

Regarding the click to call, it is a bit more complicated since there has to be a communication or an event handler that detects when the click to call is made from the CRM. Also with the login, since it must detect or establish if the “path” of the url is a login url (take into account that the login url can be different between CRM).

We are currently prioritizing other features, but we will add it to the wish list anyway.

If you click “answer” to the incoming call and the call layout/component appears, this is the expected behavior.

If you need to go back to the iframe view, you will have to click on the custom tab.,

Hi @maynor

Thanks update,
what you say is true.

But usually if you use “click to call” the softphone will be set to Auto Answer, so no need component call layout appears. If we talk crm, the main page is “iframe view” (all agent activity do it in iframe page).


Every customer might want different behavior. We cannot assume that when someone uses the Click To Call all the users will have the Auto-Answer enabled.

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That’s true. However, you may want to add a custom argument to pass when originating a call.


And only if that key with the value of true exists then you’ll pass a AA to VitXi


Yes, good idea. It will force AA if set true when originate call.