Push Server Issue on vitalpbx- 3.2.5-2 installed on Google cloud us-east-5

I have installed fresh vital pbx server with latest release 3.2.5-2 on google cloud us-east-5 everything is working fine except of push server. I did open all desired port for vital on google firewall as per vital requirement along with push server IP white listed on Vital server. The problem is when ever user registered his device and after some time registered user on push server shows offline that user . I tried with IOS and Android both devices and same issue happened.
Note there is no other device active on same EXTENSION
When i open vitalpbx app it updated my public ip and then i close app it registered on push and shows user status after some time it goes offline again

Try using UDP instead of TLS. Or make sure that the port 5061 and 5063 are open in the Firewall.

Thank you Miguel for your response, I opened both ports on firwall. Actually the problem that i am facing, my devices get register on push server and show status up but after some time it shows device unreachable

Same Asterisk server is working fine on another VPS hosting (Conatbo) server with current release of VITALPBX. The only difference is on google cloud this server is running behind NAT and i am fasing related push issue, i have attached both screen shots of device status (registerd user and then unreachable status )

Well, there must be something that you should configure on Google to make it work! Unfortunately, I don’t have that information. Maybe someone in the forum has some experience with it.

I tried to find it but i could not find but i find your recommended guide for google deployment. I followed that guide but it is not working

The guide doesn’t cover anything related to push servers. This guide helps to install VitalPBX and to connect regular desktop devices.

Yes i checked i dont know where is the problem is it based on google cloud the same vm with same spec are working well on cotabbo cloud and that vm is directly connected to internet

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