Push not Showing

I have Push enabled on our extension and this has been configured on the VitalPBX Mobile with Send Push enabled
When the app is closed Push registers however when i check the Extension status it shows me its not connected


When I type in the command on asterisk

database show devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1

It tells me Push is enabled on ios

portal*CLI> database show devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1
/devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1/assigned_exten : 234
/devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1/emergency_cid :
/devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1/hot_desk : no
/devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1/location :
/devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1/push_id : [“IOS:fecee509694d2d9da794424a16d0a2d85e47556ff96568f7e1c80cbe25dd5c61”]
/devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1/send_push : yes
/devices/PJSIP/T1_234_1/tenant : 3d533ca3c41bbe99
7 results found.

Any ideas how I can get it to show within the Extension Status Option.

Please reinstall VitalPBX Mobile app. There is a complete new app available.
Send push not needed anymore.

See here:

And here:

when you said “it has at least two contacts”
did you mean that the extension must be registered on desktop as second contact ?
im testing the push notification but the moment i lock my android phone the extension straight away does to unreachable

PJSIP has a field in Extensions: max contacts. Set this to 2.
But as said, an extra device for the mobile app is better.