Proxmox Container Creation (LXC) - details

Followed: How To Install Proxmox VE To Create A VitalPBX Multi-Instance In An Easy Way with the addition of
apt install sudo [ before next command]

Following successful install on reboot I and login I only get:

How do I get to the the banner with the VitalPBX Logo and my system information to enter and access ?


The blog shows a VM. You installed a container. Fail2ban can have issues with this.
Additionally, i guess the installation failed since you used Debian 12 instead of Debian 11.

i you can the ip with commad

ip r

But i bet if you open that IP in a Browser, nothing will show.

It’s really important to read everything carefully.

VitalPBX 4 (Debian 11)

Thank you!! You are absolutely right. I reinstalled Debian 11 to the CT and read again carefully with success! Only change in the GitHub is the requirement in Debian Minimal installations to install sudo with : apt install sudo before the final command.

Appreciate your time to help

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