Provisioning Polycom VVX series

Recently added the Provisioning module and attempted to provision a Polycom VVX411.
The phone appears to take some of the settings but the assigned line never appears on the screen. All the line buttons are blank. I can not make or receive calls to the assigned extension. It also doesn’t appear to use the downloaded firmware that is assigned in provisioning.

Is the provisioning for Polycom VVX series broken or is there something I’m missing when trying to provision the phone? All I have is Polycom VVX phones so I don’t know if another brand phone works or not.


Currently polycom phones provisioning supports setting accounts, dss keys, timezone, password, language and admin user password more features will be added in future updates.

Regarding the line settings we have updated the template and it will be included in the next update, we’ll let you know when is ready to install.

As a temporary workaround you can change the template with the following Pastie

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