Provisioning phone label not working correctly

I’m currently provisioning a phone using Provisioning addons. Poly VVX 400.
Even if I say to override dss keys from tempate and choose my choose a specific label, the phone still provision with the name.

This means that everyone will have phone that they have no Idea what is the extensions number as all they see is their name !

Can’t tell if it affects other brand.

Also, the provisioning is also missing important phone from Poly/Polycom. VVX 400, 300, 410, 310, etc. They are not the same as 401 and 411 as these can have a newer firmware. This forces me to provision these specific phone outside of Vitalpbx so I can have latest firmware of them


We’ll check the issue

Currently the label field is only used for blf keys, about those models we can add them for the next update