Provisioning Module


We have an issue when editing or adding a new phone under provisioning. We have tried removing provisioning module, re installing reboot system. We have tried different brands and different MAC addresses. Whilst the example is a fake MAC, we get the same whilst using real MAC addresses.

VitalPBX Starter 3.2.3-1
Asterisk 18.10.0-1

Screenshot 2022-07-19 214745

What phone model and brand were you using?


It was initially a Dinstar C66. But after trying to add that phone any phone including the above fake MAC failed with the above error message.

I couldn’t see anything in any log files, if there is a way to get more from this message happy to try to re created it for you.

Also got a little further, if I add a Dinstar without allocating an account/extension to the device under provisioning menu, the error does not occur. Only if I choose an extension.


Also, just having a further play. See attached, that if I assign the phone to account 2, the error does not occur. Could be a red herring, but whether that has something to do with it. That account has 10 contacts available also, was thinking maybe it’s number of contacts.

No, tried a ClearlyIP model on a new extension, still getting a server 500 error:

**Exception**: [500-get] {}: {"message":"[\/usr\/share\/provisioning\/storage\/framework\/views\/cb464b10cb0a3865ff63ef22db217c94ccf568c6.php:1822] syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ']' (View: )"} at file /usr/share/vitalpbx/www/includes/components/provisioning/RestClient.php on line 0

Any there any way I can diagnose the error?

I have wiped the server and re installed. I have upgrade to 3.2.3-1 and it appears on that version, can anyone advise please?

The error here is mentioning an issue with the variable wallpaper_name, did you configure a wallpaper for you phones?

Hi here,

No wallpaper was added, we left the original wallpaper in. I’ve checked after re installing the entire system, still getting errors, however a different one. The re install has one extension, licenses added and that’s it. Something is not right with the provisioning module.

Is there any way I can get information from the error trace?


Please always add the Phone Model and Brand for trying to replicate the issue!

Hi Miguel,

Sorry the last phone tested was a Clearly IP 270. First error appeared on a Dinstar C66.


Thanks, we will check it!

When I receive this error, I’m usually able to resolve it by reloading the code on the custom tab. This will remove any custom codes that you have added, so they will need to be placed back.

The issue got fixed in the latest version of VitalPBX and the provisioning add-on.

Nice one. After the update, rebooted, removed the templates and re added the Dinstar / ClearlyIP phones in the provisioning module. Both phones came on no problem and the error message has not returned.

Thanks for the quick turn around! Seems to be fixed since the update.