Provisioning Module


We have an issue when editing or adding a new phone under provisioning. We have tried removing provisioning module, re installing reboot system. We have tried different brands and different MAC addresses. Whilst the example is a fake MAC, we get the same whilst using real MAC addresses.

VitalPBX Starter 3.2.3-1
Asterisk 18.10.0-1

Screenshot 2022-07-19 214745

What phone model and brand were you using?


It was initially a Dinstar C66. But after trying to add that phone any phone including the above fake MAC failed with the above error message.

I couldn’t see anything in any log files, if there is a way to get more from this message happy to try to re created it for you.

Also got a little further, if I add a Dinstar without allocating an account/extension to the device under provisioning menu, the error does not occur. Only if I choose an extension.


Also, just having a further play. See attached, that if I assign the phone to account 2, the error does not occur. Could be a red herring, but whether that has something to do with it. That account has 10 contacts available also, was thinking maybe it’s number of contacts.

No, tried a ClearlyIP model on a new extension, still getting a server 500 error:

**Exception**: [500-get] {}: {"message":"[\/usr\/share\/provisioning\/storage\/framework\/views\/cb464b10cb0a3865ff63ef22db217c94ccf568c6.php:1822] syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ']' (View: )"} at file /usr/share/vitalpbx/www/includes/components/provisioning/RestClient.php on line 0

Any there any way I can diagnose the error?

I have wiped the server and re installed. I have upgrade to 3.2.3-1 and it appears on that version, can anyone advise please?

The error here is mentioning an issue with the variable wallpaper_name, did you configure a wallpaper for you phones?

Hi here,

No wallpaper was added, we left the original wallpaper in. I’ve checked after re installing the entire system, still getting errors, however a different one. The re install has one extension, licenses added and that’s it. Something is not right with the provisioning module.

Is there any way I can get information from the error trace?


Please always add the Phone Model and Brand for trying to replicate the issue!