Provisioning Module/Templates need to be more complete

I’m migrating over mostly Polycom phones from Fr…PBX servers and many features that are present in Fr…PBX are missing in VitalPBX. I understand this is still a new product but being able to provision a major vendor’s phones without having to always edit config files should be a priority. ESPECIALLY in multi-tenant deployments.
Here are some issues I have noticed so far:

  1. Templates cannot be directly duplicated from within a tenant - If I’m in a tenant profile, within templates, I should see all of the “shared” templates I have created at least from the “Main” tenant. From here I should be able to duplicate them so I can tailor them to the tenant. Otherwise I have a lot of cutting a pasting into notepad as I bring over “fixes” I’ve made in the “shared” template in the Main tenant.
  2. Daylight savings time not being observed correctly - I set the time zone in the template, daylight savings time does not seem to change automatically. For example: when I set “Eastern time” in a Polycom template, and then a daylight savings time date passes, the time ends up being off an hour.
  3. There is no place to set Horizontal and Special keys in the Polycom templates - I have many clients who use the parking lot feature but I end up having to go into the config file to figure out how to configure a button to send an active call to a parking space. In Fr…PBX there was a section in the Endpoint Manager template to configure the horizontal soft keys.
  4. Discrete config files for Polycom phones - I don’t know how vital this is but I noticed Fr…PBX breaks up the config files into at least four different files. Not sure if this is best-practices from Polycom but when I go looking for analogous places to bring over custom settings from Fr…PBX I have to figure out how to fit it into the monolithic template VitalPBX creates instead.

I’m sure there are other issues that I will come across as I continue to bring clients over from the old Fr…PBX servers. Should I continue to expand this post or start new ones?

Thank you!