Provisioning Error


When creating a PJSIP extension, upload a firmware, create a template for a SNOM D735 and finally a provisioning record for the that test extension and template, we get the below error. I have tried to remove the template and provision record multiple times and the error re occurs.

Exception: [500-get] {}: {“message”:“[/usr/share/provisioning/storage/framework/views/312f585d42c0ef98daa9c719fb35132194805fe3.php:243] Trying to access array offset on value of type null (View: /usr/share/provisioning/storage/framework/views/8c23bfd933114898fc629971d3226caaa87f459e.blade.php)”} at file /usr/share/vitalpbx/www/includes/components/provisioning/RestClient.php on line 0

Have you made any customizations on the template? is this happening only with that model?

What version of VitalPBX are you currently running?


Only via the PBX webGUI, no changes to the file itself. The only change we made was to the first key for the line and change time zone. We have tried a different model but same problem and get the same issue.

We are on version 4.0.2-1 enterprise.

I am also on version 4.0.2-1 and am receiving a similar error. Same steps as mrmangosir, just a different phone model.

I’m attempting to provision a SNOM M10-KLE and when I try to add the device, I get the error below:

We found the error and it will be addressed in the next update!

any kind of rough ETA for that update?

The next update is scheduled to be released this week.


Thanks for the prompt fix on this. Will look out for the update. Appreciated!

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