Provisioning Data from new Provisioning Module not updating after extension description changes

Yes, as the title says. If you change any parameter (Description, etc) in the extension The new Provisioning Module still serves the old content.


We have to go to the Template and click the Update button, then changes are reflected.

Please give more Information:
which brand and which model and so on.

Oh so you mean: if you change directly in the extension menu.
True, i don’t think those are linked to the provisioning module automatically.

Please provide which brand and model phones you are having this issue with, as well as which version of VitalPBX and provisioning you use.


Brand: Yealink
Models: T23G and T21P_E2
VitalPBX 3.1.1-3
Asterisk 18.5.1-1
DAHDI 2.11.1-7