Provisioning Cisco 8945 solved

I can now provision cisco 8945 IP Phone to work with VitalPBX. I’m also working on the cisco 7811 and 7841 models. The following files are needed. Drop me a line in this forum and I’ll help get your .xml files working. Make sure you watch the YouTube videos on setting up your Trunk and Extensions if your not familiar with the VitalPBX interface.

Use Pumpkin TFTP to get files loaded to your phone.

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Just finished a sepmac.cnf.xml file that will allow any cisco phone to be registered to VitalPBX

Will you please share with everyone here? Thanks

SEPMacaddress.cnf.xml.txt (5.7 KB)
The enclosed txt file is a working Sepmacaddress.cnf.xml. Just download it and rename it by removing the txt. I’ve added information in the text that you need to fill in for your specific configuration i.e PBX server address, extension numbers etc.
In the provisioning section under custom for your extension you must copy your configuration into that window that you updated from the sepmacaddress.cnf.xml file.
If you need help setting the extension to work with your Trunk let me know I’ll provide the info. This file will work with all Cisco phones

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Did you get your parking working normally. and
Do your lines roll over to other lines when it is busy?