Provision Phone Error on Flying voice

VitalPbx Provision Error on Flyingvoice phone.pdf (252.7 KB)

After try provision using Flyingvoice FIP10P, found some error.
How to resolved it ?

Hi @NGIA_Soon_Hock welcome to the community!

In the future, please document and upload the pictures directly to the forum.

This seems to be a bug. As a workaround, you can set the secondary account under the custom tab.

Could you please attach the files located at /usr/share/provisioning/storage/logs/ for debugging.

I am managed to ask Flyingvoice Engineer modified custom Template is work now

Great, but in order to fix this, please reply to @roger with the information he asked. Thank you

Problem resolved without my debugging, I just forward to Flyingvoice engineer just ask them to do custom template .If you need the custom template. Update me, I will forward to you.

No. @roger is on the VitalPBX team. The team is constantly looking out to improve and fix VitalPBX.
If you provide him the information he asked, they may be able to fix this issue.

thanks for support team. Anyway, I have tested Alcatel lucent, ATCOm , all have problem
H2P issues
And if change https default port to any others port will have error.
I have submit issue to ticket support but no reply at the moment

Hi @NGIA_Soon_Hock, It looks like this issue is resolved in the latest version. Can you please confirm?

resolved via custom template not the latest version. I just update the latest version. will test and update

VitalPBX 3.1.1-1, did not help resolved the provision issues.
Same problem happened.

  • Provision Flyingvoice template issues. We using custom Template is working
  • Change https default port 443 to others Port will have error, example I change to 2182
    Error after change default https to 2182, when update provision page

Are this change https default port to any ports when update provision port will have such error , are vitalpbx current bugs ?