Provision Issue Poly IP650

Exception: [500-get] {}: {“message”:“[/usr/share/provisioning/storage/framework/views/5e9b16d41e10e47ac45699d7c717d004bf4cbfc7.php:4] syntax error, unexpected token ")", expecting " → " or "?->" or "{" or "[" (View: /usr/share/provisioning/storage/framework/views/7dd0bdb9efab59e11cff2f1da41de7cb455b5276.blade.php)”} at file /usr/share/vitalpbx/www/includes/components/provisioning/RestClient.php on line 0

Template error for poly IP650 in provision app

Is this VitalPBX 3 or 4?

Latest 4.0.0-1 version

Please edit this line on the template
@foreach ($accounts as account) with @foreach ($accounts as $account)

Thank you for reporting the issue

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