Problem trying to sync softphone

Greetings to who can support me:

Currently I have a problem when installing VitalPBX and trying to synchronize an extension with a softphone.

It happens to me both in a virtual machine and in a VPS, both computers have 2 cores, 4 Gb of RAM and 80GB of available hard disk. When trying to sync a softphone (I tried with Zoiper and Yate), the server has an increase in RAM, all ports are blocked (443,80,22) and obviously I lose administration via web. This happens to me both in the virtual machine and in the VPS and I have already tried all possible ways.

What VPS did you tried?

Are you entering the right credentials in your Softphone or desktop phone?

Did you whitelist your public IP address or internal network?

Remember: Port 5060 is PJSIP and 5062 is SIP.
Really sounds like you locked yourself out because of misconfiguration.
Do as miguel said an whitelist your IP.