Problem 3.2.5-3

GUI is not allowing to login . VitalPBX is on 3.2.5-3. Is there something that we ca do? Is going to a fix for this? Do we need to install an older version 3?

Can you please be more precise? Some screenshots or error messages and so on.

Well, I’m in the login when I type my credentials which are the correct ones, at soon a hit login it goes back to login page, there is no message. If I type the wrong credentials, at soon I hit login it give me error message about using the wrong credentials and it goes back to the login page like it should. I have try to look in the logs but I’m seeing anything that could explain it.

I was looking the full log. any other log that i can take a look ?

Try different browser.
Try incognito tab of browser.
Clear browser cache.
Check the FAQ here.

Yes i have try that.

I have no problem when I use and older version like 3.2.4-2 (which i have a ISO) but when I take to the latest, I’m able to login for the first few times and then nothing.

For the moment I will use an older version, and then see if the client go for v4.

You need to look at the apache access and error logs.

I did… i could not see anything
error_log.txt (743 Bytes)
access_log.txt (45.0 KB)

This are from today, I try lo login a couple of time.

Vitalpbx v3 is on the latest version

Try resetting (and/or optimizing) apache and restarting the service afterwards:

Hi , I have exactly the same problem. Any clues?

Thanks in advance


Are you using HTTP to access your server?

Do you have a valid CERT assigned to the server?

I have an update. You have to put in your browser explicitly https:// before the ip address / name of your vitalpbx.
If you put http://ip address , then when you introduce your credentials you will return to the login page.


This was addressed in VitalPBX v3.2.5 R4

Ok thank you Miguel!

Saludos desde Argentina