Prepend Dial Patterns added to the history call in phone


I’m migration GransStream GXP 2130 from Asterisk 13.27.0 to VitalPBX 3.2.3-2 (Asterisk 18.12.1) and when we make a call to a external number we put 0 number before and then when make a call the phone show two “00” before the number.

This is my Dial Patterns:

This is the number before make a call:

And this is in the call running:

This is the call history in phone:

If someone try to make a call from the last calls in the history, the call can’t be maked because the DialPlan just mach one “0” before

This was one packet captured in phone:

Do you know any configuration that can be done in VitalPBX for don’t send the Prepend to phone?

I had try with diferents firmwares in phone and hopen a ticket in helpdesk in GrandStream and the issue is not from phone, is from VitalPBX. This phones in older Asterisk dont’s have this issue

Thanks for your attention.

Please provide a full call trace and a raw SIP capture via

Hi @jppedrosa,

I have asked you to please provide additional information to try to help further debugging. Sending 3 private messaging threads to me is not an encouraging way to provide assistance.

Please! Never PM anyone for assistance without consent.

I’ve gone ahead and made the 3 posts public, so if anyone wants they can feel free to provide some insights.

This is the TCP dump:



And please never publish sensitive information from others in public as you did without asking them.

I apologize for what happened @PitzKey

I didn’t intend to share internal information to the entire community.

Hi @mo10,

OP had two options to avoid this.

  1. Censor the information and post in public.
  2. Ask if he can send a PM

It is not my responsibility to read through in depth an unwelcomed private message before making it public.

I am hanging out in a lot of public forums. PMs asking for help is the number one reason that drives away contributors from providing assistance.

I encourage anyone who gets an unwelcomed PM for help to invite me to the chat and I will make it public.

No worries, everyone makes mistakes.

You still didn’t provide the information asked, I doubt anyone here can provide anything helpful without seeing the raw trace

You can convert the pcap to text and censor whatever you want to hide. Also, we mentioned, use pastebin when sharing logs and raw text. People are afraid to download unknown files to their computer.

After talk with technical support I remove this parameters, the “0” not appear anymore.


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