Preferred ATA devices

We are assessing the ATA devices that we utilize. With some of our favorites being discontinued, we are looking for new options.

With that said, what are the ATA devices that you use with your VitalPBX installation? Pros and Cons? Recommendations?

Bueller… Bueller…Bueller

What ever that means…Push?

Grandstream HT812 for Fax and analog Phone.
2 Port version.
There is a HT818 which is a 8 Port Version.

Good thing at HT812 instead of HT802:
HT812 has another LAN-Port (Bridge). So you don’t loose a LAN-Port.

Yeastar TA100 and Yeastar TA200 should work fine, too.

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Basically a push. It is from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Thanks for the suggestions. Great stuff!

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Have you found any devices that can be provisioned using the server itself? I feel like I’m missing something. I can make HT812’s work just fine but only with manually provisioning them. It would be super handy to be able to do them like any other device.

i agree but there is none.

Grandstream GDMS. You can change all settings via this

Thanks for that, and I actually was thinking about replying to this to say the same thing. I figured out how to use it just yesterday. It works really well actually. It’s an extra step, to be sure, but it’s also handy because those ATA’s come, by default, pointed at GDMS.

We don’t actually use the PBX for provisioning, we use GDMS to do it all!

Where does GDMS get the extension credentials from?

As far as I understand it, you have to put it in there manually for each extension. There very well may be another way, and if so, I’d be interested to hear it!